Cazes Family Dentistry - Long Valley

Serving Every Smile

Our talented dentists have dedicated decades of their lives to learning and serving the complexities of the smile. Having such prestigious recognition, our team is beyond capable in performing a wide variety of the procedures necessary to maintain a smile’s health, restore it’s desired function, transform its appearance, and so much more. Whether you require standard checkups, or state of the art processes ranging from dental implants, tooth fillings, orthodontics, and even combating sleep apnea- our modern approach can remedy almost any complication.

Cazes Family Dentistry - Long Valley

Providing Certified Comfort

Every patient’s state of mind during a procedure is taken into serious consideration by every team member. It may be reassuring to learn that our dentists are licensed in sedation dentistry, and can safely and effectively administer nitrous oxide, conscious oral sedation, or in-house IV to alleviate a patient’s anxiety and discomfort during any visit deemed necessary. This gives stereotypically nerve wracking processes like a tooth extraction a less intimidating reputation- easing and relaxing patients while our team performs their magic.

Cazes Family Dentistry - Long Valley

A Pillar of the Community

Dentist’s play a pivotal role in touching the smiles of the communities in which they serve, and we proudly do so in more ways than one. While our office boasts a welcoming and accommodating atmosphere, we’ve taken our dedication to Long Valley a step further. Beyond tending to the dental needs of Long Valley patients, we frequently volunteer with the Valley Brook Day School and Meadowbrook Country Day Camp; where we provide equine assisted hippotherapy to students and campers in need.

Meet the Team

How can we help you today? Our whole team values personalized care and sincerely want to see you smile. Tell us all about your dental care needs and your smile wishes.

Member Of Associations

Sal P

Dr. Jay and Dr. Janice are very professional and very caring, as is the entire staff, in the treatment of their patients. A visit to their practice is like visiting friends. I highly recommend their
excellent dental services.

Barbara B

One 4th of July I woke up with a terrible toothache. Dr. Jay opened the office just to accommodate me! Me, my daughter and son-in-law have been going ever since! Both the front desk team members and dentists are very kind and extremely talented at what they do! Thank you Cazes Dentistry!

Donna H

The Cazes' have worked miracles with my English, dental-phobic husband- who hadn't been to the dentist in the 10 years since he emigrated here. Their compassion, gentleness, and genuine concern for his well-being continues to touch me. Bravo!

Cazes Family Dentistry - Long Valley

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